Feb 24th Cloudflare parser bug and its impact

Posted today at 12:21 Dear Cloudflare Customer: Thursday afternoon, we published a blog post describing a memory leak caused by a serious bug that impacted Cloudflare's systems. If you haven't yet, I encourage you to read that post on the bug: https://blog.cloudflare.com/incident-report-on-memory-leak-caused-by-cloudflare-parser-bug/ While we ... Read More »

Feb 19th New Security Feature "File Protect"

L4 team update:New cPanel installs now default with "File Protect" on:====https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/ALD/62+Release+Notes#id-62ReleaseNotes-EnableFileProtectwithApachehttps://documentation.cpanel.net/display/EA/Apache+Module%3A+FileProtectUse the FileProtect option in EasyApache to protect each user account's public_html and each ... Read More »

Feb 9th cPanel version 62 - Reseller accounts change their ownership back to root by themselves

Seeing this issue first hand and almost certain that I must be losing my mind as I make the change and then it changes itself after some time - Reseller accounts changing their ownership back to root by themselves - I decided to do a sanity check and submit a ticket with cPanel and here is the reply ...Sorry for the inconvenience caused!This is a ... Read More »

Feb 6th cPanel version 62 - Horde Webmail Client Email Error Message - Only RSET accepted now

Thank you for letting us know and with the clues you supplied I was able to figure it out right away ... not the cure but the issue and indeed I was correct it is from the recent WHM/cPanel update https://forums.cpanel.net/threads/horde-unable-to-send-an-email-with-an-attachment-over-1mb.590239/ and WHM/cPanel themselves have an open ticket on the ... Read More »

Jan 9th Let's Encrypt renewal and installation failure 01/08/2017

After a recent WHM/cPanel update our Let's Encrypt SSL plugin ( third party custom plugin ) on 01-08-2017 started sending emails to those clients who's SSL certificates were to be renewed that the renewal failed. We found that the email was in fact incorrect as the certificates were in fact inssued and installed. Furthermore, those trying to issue ... Read More »

Dec 21st Oh my! Well PHP 7+ it is and WHMCS Survives

We had a heck of a day and it is not over hammering out php 7+ and WHMCS to run flawlessly.We are sorry for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused ... now if we can just get our site back together.Thank goodness the client area survived as well though we lost many helpful admin plugins due to their coders not keeping up with the ... Read More »

Nov 28th Proud of the team response during Backbone/Data Center DDoS Attack

Today we experienced an outage due to a DDoS attack on the Backbone/Data Center that made it appear that all of our servers in Seattle were down for 39 minutes ... when in fact the attack was not on our client sites but in fact against the Backbone and Data Center themselves causing a severe connectivity issue.The frustration caused by these types ... Read More »

Nov 12th WHMCS Systems Major update postponed indefinitely

We have rolled our WHMCS Systems back to what it's original state and version due to the many modules that have not been updated by their respective coders we have chosen to not forego the update.We have mission critical add-ons/plugin modules that are not coded properly for the update and one of the major ones that claims it is crashes part of ... Read More »

Nov 9th WHMCS Systems Major update scheduled 12th and 13th

The WHMCS Update including to php 7 and more ... was previously postponed due to one of the custom plugins we employ was not ready for PHP 7However, Modules Garden has posted that our custom plugin was updated to be PHP 7 compatible as of 11-09-2016 ... so we will be taking this project on this coming weekend of the 12th and the 13th - cowboy ... Read More »

Oct 28th WHMCS Systems Major update - failed due to third party module

After checking with Modules Garden ... they say that the Extended cPanel module will be ready for php 7 next week.Therefore we are going to  re-schedule to perform the WHMCS update and related third party modules for the weekend of November 5th and 6th.Thank you for your understanding and bearing with us while we update our WHMCS ... Read More »

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